Anonymous: I'm really stupid, how do I install one of your themes?

click the link for the code, highlight and copy all the theme, go into your blog, click customize, delete all the current theme coding, paste my theme into it and click save! :)

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Theme 3
this theme includes
3 columns
dottie border
cute fonts
stretchy links
post and header will stay the color of your background if you decide to have a gif/picture background.
looks good with white/neutral background
preview | code
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Theme 2 
this theme includes…
cute permalinks
stretchy description links
pretty blog title
2 columns
looks great with a gif background, or just white
text should ONLY be white because the posts/sidebar will ALWAYS be black.
look good with vertical or horizontal posts
preview| code
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THEME 1.5:
this theme is exactly like theme one
but with 2 columns
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4 custom links
cute links and permalinks
a cool hover title bar
idk what else to put here